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Sweden's cutest recycling center - reuse and solar-powered recycling in Kristianstad


Recycling centers might not be famous for their aesthetically pleasing buildings. But in Kristianstad, the newly renovated and updated recycling centers are just that. Kristianstad’s municipality has five recycling centers, where locals can leave their bulky waste for recycling. The recycling centers are going through a modernisation effort, where they are either being rebuilt or improved, with more focus on effectively sorting the waste and making the most of the resources as well as improving their aesthetic and service to customers. Three of the five centers have a separate collection area for ”Reuse”, where items that are still functional and in good condition go on to second-hand resale.

Kristianstad offers three recycling visiting objects: Arkelstorp, Åhus and Kristianstad.

<b> Arkelstorp</b>, the most recently rebuilt recycling center, opened in July 2018. In the rebuilding process, the focus went to creating an aesthetically pleasing area that blended into its surroundings. The recycling center is therefore designed as a local farm, with red timber buildings and the aim to be Sweden’s cutest recycling center. It runs on solar energy and all items collected for reuse go to the local Scouts and sport clubs.

<b>Åhus </b> reopened in May 2014 after a rebuilding. It is a modern recycling center, self-sufficient on power through solar panels. With approximately 80 000 visits per year, it is the municipality’s most visited recycling center.

<b> Kristianstad </b> recycling park is currently run by Stena Recycling until the city’s new recycling center opens in September 2020. At the park is also Saveko, which offers daily activity and occupation to its functionally impaired employees, who manage a second-hand shop and prepare electronic waste for recycling by removing parts classified as hazardous waste.

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