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Sustainable Energy-Efficient Renovation Tjärna Ängar


"A model created for careful renovation of public housing based on sustainability as well as ecologically, socially and economically." Byggdialog Dalarna is an industry association for the construction and real estate sector in Dalarna with the mission to support and develop the industry towards a more sustainable perspective.

Now Byggdialog Dalarna is involved a project together with Dalarna University and Tunabyggen, which is focused on renovation of old houses in a way that is better for both environment and residents and cost-effective, so that can maintain with a high renovation rate.

This project will contribute to the renewal process and make Tjärna Ängar become with more attractive, varied and integrated housing area.Through new thinking way of renovating of apartment buildings, a new model is created for gentle improvement of public utility housing based on sustainability, as well as ecologically, socially and economically. The model focuses on energy efficiency, cost efficiency, climate and thermal comfort, as well as collaboration for participation and decision making. The project challenges the conventional industry's conventional methods and measures for energy efficiency.

Right now measurements of three buildings have been carried out in parallel for one year since they completely renovated.

By improving the outdoor environment with green courtyards, safe streets, place of entertainment and activities, better architecture, a rich and complex neighborhood can develop in the future.

We make room for people instead of cars. Trees, flowers and color replaces gray asphalt. We have made a cozy outdoor room where people can meet friends and neighbors. A nice place for fun activities, cozy snacking, chatting and laughter, peace and quiet, speed and fan. A meeting place for everyone!

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