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Skellefteå Airport - a green airport


At a time when the global aviation sector is facing increasing demands to get on a sustainable flightpath, one airport in northern Sweden has gotten a head start with an extensive vision that has led them to become one of Europe’s and probably the world’s first fossil-free airport. At the same time the airport is now preparing to become a testcenter for electric powered and vertical-starting aircrafts. A fossil free airport
Over the last couple of years, Skellefteå Airport has been dedicated to developing new and innovative ways to expedite the green transition. With the brave vision to become a fossil free airport Skellefteå Airport started working within three main focus areas.

* Fossil-free heating with biofuel
* Fossil-free electricity consumption through certified green electricity
* Fossil-free fuels for vehicles through electricity and the biofuel HVO-100

By applying a holistic strategy the airport was able to reach the goal of zero emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. In 2020, the airport reported a zero-emission of fossilized CO2 for the first time ever, which was confirmed by measuring according to the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT). Today, Skellefteå Airport utilizes fossil-free heating, energy and fuel and are now presenting more initiatives for faster environmental transition.

Test route for eVTOL
The next step in Skellefteå Airports plan for the green transformation of the transport sector will be to develop a test route for electrically powered and vertical-starting aircraft, so-called eVTOL together with, among others, Skellefteå Kraft, Northvolt, EIT InnoEnergy and Skellefteå Science City. The airport also participates in the FAIR project and the Green Airport project.
The project has been approved by the Swedish Energy Agency’s call “Fossil-free flight 2045” and was made possible by Skellefteå Airport’s proactive work with, among other things, the installation of Sweden’s most powerful electricity supply for electrified aviation in 2021.
The infrastructure and supply station will serve both electrically powered conventional takeoff and landing and vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts which provides opportunities to quickly get vehicles into the air, both for test and development and for commercial traffic.

Green Flight Academy
The proactive work at Skellefteå Airport with both CO2 reduction and the installation of electricity supply for electric aviation has also resulted in the establishment of an international new flight academy at the Airport. Green Flight Academy will examine up to 100 air traffic pilots yearly using an air fleet made out of a combination of the most environmental aircraft, with electric airplanes from Pipistrell and a new Piper Archer DXT with biofuel. The aim is to create the world's most sustainable flight academy.

Come visit Skellefteå Airport and experience a greener take off!

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