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Sara Cultural Centre - One of the World’s Tallest Timber Buildings


Sara Cultural Centre, one of the world’s tallest timber buildings, is located in Skellefteå, just below the artic circle in the north of Sweden. The building houses venues for arts, performances and meetings as well as a hotel, and has been constructed with the latest energy solutions. In 2021, the doors will open to a unique and dynamic meeting point combining culture and entertainment with conference facilities, directly connected to a new premium hotel, culinary experiences, a spa and a range of settings for events. The ambition is for Sara Cultural Centre to be known for its hospitality, its activities, its desire for innovation, and particularly for its contribution to sustainability, both in terms of the building and its content.

<h2> A minimal carbon footprint </h2>
Skellefteå’s new cultural centre is a timber construction, low-carbon building that’s positive for both the environment and people using the venue. The 20-storey building is constructed largely from timber sourced from local forests. Solar panels and efficient energy use also help to minimise the entire property’s carbon footprint.

<h2> Inbuilt energy saving </h2>
Sara Culture House showcases the latest energy-based solutions. A local energy firm and power technology company ABB have implemented smart solutions to build sustainable properties. To achieve 100 percent renewable energy, the property’s power system is optimised and integrated with the city’s central energy solutions using new smart algorithms.

<h2> Award-winning project </h2>
Sara Cultural Centre received the MIPIM Future Project Award in 2018 and was nominated for WAF 2018 and the MIPIM Awards 2018, in the category of ‘Best Futura Project’. MIPIM is an internationally renowned real-estate competition.

Visit Sara Cultural Centre to learn more about the exciting potential for the timber construction of large buildings.

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Kanalgatan 43b, 931 31 Skellefteå 931 31 Skellefteå Västerbottens län

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