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REMM – Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies


Virtual meetings are sometimes a necessity, and sometimes the prefered option. Meetings online can save both time and money, at the same time as it reduces the environmental impact by limiting travels. In the project REMM, a step-by-step guide has been developed to make virtual meetings easier and smoother. During the last decade, an extensive process of digitization implementation has been underway in Swedish public agencies. When technology is more available, affordable and reliable, virtual meetings become a new way to reach other places and people, a way of travelling without using traditional means of communication.

A new, virtual business culture can provide major savings for an employer, with lower travel expenses, time savings and less stress. More virtual meetings can also support regional development and simplify collaboration. Even more importantly, reduced business travelling means less negative environmental impact and a more sustainable world.

<b> What is REMM? </b>

To promote a virtual meeting culture in public agencies, The Swedish Transport Administration has been commissioned by the Government to lead and coordinate the project REMM – Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies.

REMM started in 2011 and now organizes more than 80 Swedish public agencies, in their efforts to increase the share of virtual meetings in their communication, within the agency as well as with other public agencies and with the citizens.

To succeed with the implementation of more virtual meetings, a thought-out virtual meeting culture, as well as good technical solutions and support, must be in place. REMM uses a ten-step methodology to guide the authorities through this transition. The guide gives the user hands-on tools, as well as ten steps with checklists that has been developed based on experiences from Swedish agencies.

<b> Good results </b>

Over a seven-year period, the original REMM-authorities have reduced their carbon dioxide emissions from business travel by 25 % per employee on average, compared with 6 % in other authorities. The good results have been widely noticed and inspired Swedish cities and municipalities ( as well as the United Nations to hold more virtual meetings, using the same approach as REMM.

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