Plastic recycling at Talent Plastics Tallinn AS


Increase of the capacity for recycling waste plastic in terms of producing final products. The aim of the planned project is to increase the capacity for recycling waste plastic in terms of producing final products (various plastic products). The technical goals of the project are to improve all of the fine plastic plant's production lines by adding an automated grinder, blender and measuring system, together with a robotic arm, to the production cycle, ensuring that a significant amount of processing waste will be sent back to the production line. This enables the use of all input plastic raw material without generating any waste that has to be sent to landfill or any other external processing facility. Secondly, it is planned to install a new blending system for externally collected plastic waste to ensure that different conditions for plastic waste granules and raw material handling are met prior to the melting phase in order to enable use of external plastic waste in fine plastics and to guarantee a quality product.

Expected outcome:

The expected outcome of the project is that the Talent Plastics Tallinn plant will recycle 95% of its processing waste and, in addition, approximately 50 t/year of external plastic waste and other polymeric materials.

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