Pioneering Technology Adapts Electric Buses to Cold Climate


A major challenge for electric vehicles in northern Europe is adapting them to the cold climate to improve their operation, as well as their passenger and driver comfort. In Umeå, the company Hybricon has solved this problem with an advanced system for air heating and cooling. The technology, developed in Umeå, allows electric buses to run during very cold winter days as well as hot, sunny days, thanks to an advanced air heating and cooling system. Without a solution to make electric vehicles usable in cold climates, it wouldn’t be possible to make the crucial transition from fossil-fuelled to electrified public transport in these locations.

<h2> Climate friendly, economical and noise free </h2>
City buses running on electricity offer many advantages, especially lower carbon emissions. They are also more economical, both in the short and long term. In addition, electric buses are almost silent, which reduces noise levels and increases passenger and driver comfort.

<h2> One hour’s driving from 3 minutes’ charging </h2>
The company behind the solution, Hybricon, was the first in the world to introduce ultra-fast-charge electric buses with a hybrid backup. Their Ultrafast Charging® is the most advanced transport solution on the market, allowing buses to run for up to one hour after only 180 seconds of charging. Hybricon is also developing a battery charging solution called Batterybooster, which enables charging solutions in urban areas where the grid may not be sufficiently powerful.

The maintenance of the buses is based on modules, which reduces downtime and costs for the vehicles.
• The articulated bus has a four-wheel drive concept to ensure a high level of reliability in the winter and in heavy rain.
• Waste heat recovery systems contribute to energy efficiency.
• The buses have better insulation, heating and other measures to enhance comfort for both drivers and passengers.

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