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North river bank - From dockland to sustainable urban area


Visit a showcase of innovative urban development. Until the 1960s, Gothenburg was the centre of manufacturing and development in one of the world’s leading shipyard industries. As the industry was dismantled, starting in the mid-1970s, vast dockland areas and industrial premises were abandoned and became available for new possibilities.

The municipal company Älvstranden Utveckling AB revitalises and drives development in the areas around the Göta Älv river. This visit presents the unique method for developing the North River Bank in collaboration between private and public sectors.

• Eriksberg – from shipyard to sustainable housing 

Derelict industrial premises from the era of shipyards have been transformed into an exciting mix of modern housing and renovated dockside buildings. The reconstruction of Eriksberg was made with the environment in focus. One interesting feature is the underground waste collection system.

• Lindholmen – where science meets business
Lindholmen is a former dockland area where business today thrives around Lindholmen Science Park. It promotes fruitful collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector, and has become a world-leading research and development centre within mobile data communication, intelligent vehicles and transport systems and modern media.

• Sannegårdshamnen – from dockland to sustainable housing 

This 100 year-old harbour was primarily used for handling coal and coke. Its curved wharfs have been renovated and supplemented with low wooden jetties. Green yards, seats in sunny locations and well-planned green areas make ideal places for recreation and socialising.

• Hamnhuset – one of Sweden's largest passive buildings 

Using half of the heating required in normal apartment buildings and producing a quarter of the CO2 emissions, this building has progressed sustainable residential development. It is the fruit of committed environmental efforts and countless lifecycle cost calculations (LCC), yet offers standard rental rates and a superior indoor environment.

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