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LIMA Travel App - Cutting Car Use with One Click


The mobile app LIMA is being tested at Lindholmen Science Park, offering employees all kinds of travel services, from bicycles to public transport. This reduces car use and supports everyday transport for both work and private use. Innovative travel app LIMA allows companies in Lindholmen, Gothenburg, to join a shared mobility service. The service gives employees access to everything from public transport and bikes to taxis and electric cars, all in one app. The pilot is being trialled with a group of 1,000 people who work at Lindholmen Science Park.

<h2> Cutting congestion and car use </h2>
LIMA gives people in the area access to good mobility without having to take their own car to and from work, which will reduce congestion in Lindholmen. The aim is to facilitate everyday travel for people working in the area, while also contributing to more sustainable transport through an easy-to-use service that ‘nudges’ people to choose alternatives to taking the car. The app can also be used for private travel, making all kinds of travel flexible, more sustainable and tailored to individuals’ transport needs as it’s easy to find the right vehicle at any time.

<h2> Flexible and free to use </h2>
The pilot initiative started in 2020 and evaluation and development are underway. During the pilot period it’s free to download the LIMA app and there are no sign-up fees or fixed costs for the service. Users only pay for the trips they make, and if travel expenses are covered by the employer, receipts can be sent directly to the finance department with one click.

<h2> Part of government programme </h2>
The project is part of the Swedish government’s innovation partnership programme, The Next Generation’s Travel and Transport. It’s partly funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, through Drive Sweden –another Swedish programme aimed at developing sustainable, connected and automated mobility solutions.

If the trial is successful, the app could be launched on a larger scale and serve as a model for how to help both people and cities switch to more sustainable transport and reduce car traffic.

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