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Industrial Symbiosis at Händelö Eco Industrial Park


The small island of Händelö, which is part of the City of Norrköping in eastern Sweden, is home to a remarkable industrial symbiosis in which by-products from one company are used as input for neighbouring companies Everything at the site is based around using green energy. Händelö Eco Industrial Park is a unique network of companies sharing resources. It’s a great example of industrial symbiosis, which means that waste or by-products from one industry become inputs or raw materials for neighbouring businesses. It’s an approach that’s beneficial for both sides due to the economic value of the waste resources and the progress towards a circular economy.

<h2> A popular site to visit </h2>
Händelö Eco Industrial park is a popular site to visit, where you can also attend a short presentation about the latest research into industrial symbiosis by one of the leading researchers in the field.

<h2> The industrial symbiosis network </h2>
E.ON’s waste incineration on Händelö receives combustible waste from Norrköping and produces electricity and district heating for the city. The surplus steam from the incineration plant is directed to fuel neighbouring business Lantmännen Agroetanol on Händelö, a grain-based ethanol production plant that uses a lot of steam in its operating process.

The manufacture of bioethanol generates by-products of protein-rich animal feed and carbon dioxide, which are sent to nearby farms and a carbonic acid factory on Händelö, respectively. Cooperation between these businesses makes for more efficient use of resources and increasing economic gains; a genuine win-win.

Händelö is home to many more examples of industrial symbiosis. Visit the Eco Industrial Park to learn more.

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