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Improving energy efficiency by 50 % in a public 1950's building


As a part of the FP7 project A2PBEER the technical museum in Malmö was retrofitted with new and innovative technologies increasing the energy efficiency. The building was constructed in the late 1950’s as a technology museum, which it still is today. No major alterations have been made to the building envelope since the 1950´s. During the A2PBEER project a series of retrofiting works was undertaken:

- The external envelope to the ground and first floor of the building is to be retrofitted with 656.25 m2 of the external ventilated façade with the intention of reducing the thermal fluxes through the opaque façade in, thus warrantying proper hygrothermal performance for preventing early degradation and reduced service life.

- Two reversible windows that cover an area of 3.6 m2 have also been installed to the two work rooms.

- A number of high performance windows have replaced the low quality existing double glazed windows to the western façade and replaced the existing aluminium rooflights on the rooftop.

- The existing luminaires to the entire office area and workshop area of the building have been replaced with 247 luminaires. 30 of these luminaires are hybrids and have been located in the darkest areas of the offices and corridors to the ground and first floor. These luminaires are connected to 5 solar collectors mounted on the façade and provide natural lighting to areas with no access to windows. The required recommended lighting levels for each working space have been reached using minimum power consumption through the use of innovative control systems deployed within the project.

- The new energy efficient ventilation system has improved the indoor air quality within the main areas and the smaller offices and workshops.

- The two sluices which connect the main building to the submarine have been improved by reducing the heat flows by convection between the submarine and the museum.

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