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H22 City Expo Showcases Big Ambitions for Building a Smarter City


Helsingborg's international H22 City Expo in 2022, along with its preparatory work, is an ambitious investment that aims to lead the way to smarter, more sustainable urban life and planning. The goal is for Helsingborg to be one of Europe’s most innovative cities in 2022. By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. In addition, alarming facts about climate change, as well as an increasing number of people with mental-health issues, require society to take action. These are important topics and were included in Agenda 2030, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For the city of Helsingborg and H22 City Expo, development goals number 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and number 17, Partnership for the Goals, are particularly important.

It’s clear the whole world needs to change the way its plans and develops cities, and try new approaches. We need to find smarter solutions and better ways to build cities that are sustainable for people, the economy, the environment and the climate. H22 – a Smarter City is Helsingborg’s investment in doing just that.

<h2> Partnership and cooperation for 2022 </h2>
The preparatory work for H22 is marked by determination and strong commitment from local, national and international organisations, both within and beyond Helsingborg. This is an important success factor, since companies and organisations leading their industries also shape people’s lives in the city and have a considerable influence on both the social and environmental aspects of urban development.

<h2> H22 City Expo: an invitation to a smarter city </h2>
H22 City Expo will showcase the most exciting development work, the important questions and the best approaches, ideas and solutions. These will be discussed and taken forward by both decision-makers and other visitors to the expo. The years leading up to H22 and the expo itself will see significant opportunities to use Helsingborg as a test bed and platform to initiate new collaborations, ideas and discussions.

H22 City Expo has deliberately chosen a broad theme: smarter, more sustainable welfare and urban development. Based on this theme, H22 is working with three different perspectives:
• Improving quality of life: highlighting life in the city and life in between buildings.
• Innovative welfare and urban planning: innovation, technology and ideas pushing development forward.
• Reinventing city governance: leadership and decision-making for successful urban planning.

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