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Glava Energy Centre - a Focal Point for Development of Solar-Energy Technology


Glava Energy Centre is a hive of activity, with a number of projects and collaborations in education and innovation to develop more efficient and sustainable solar-energy solutions to contribute to a fossil-free future. Glava Energy Centre is an arena in which a broad range of partners cooperate to create new opportunities for innovation, learning, development and testing in the field of photovoltaic, or PV, solar energy –the most common type of solar cells. The aim of the centre is to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and more efficient use of energy.

<h2> International meeting place </h2>
Its high-tech activities and knowledge make Glava a leading development centre of regional, national and international interest, open to companies and organisations operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. This also makes Glava Energy Centre a forum for small groups, as well as major conferences, to take part in new research and exchange insights that could advance the development of smart solar-energy solutions.

<h2> Growing and expanding activities </h2>
Activities are expanding continuously, and Glava Energy Centre currently has a variety of different solar-module systems in operation, many energy storage systems, a weather station and a wind measurement mast. The centre also undertakes studies of local DC grids and microgrids.

<h2> Installation training courses </h2>
Glava Energy Centre offers regular short training courses for installers of PV solar-energy systems. The courses usually last three to four days and include both theoretical and practical sessions. The offering includes short training courses for both project managers and designers of PV solar systems.

<h2> Science centre open to the public </h2>
Solar energy will play an important role in the transformation from fossil energy sources to renewable energy. Glava’s science centre welcomes everyone, young and old, to learn more about renewable energy in general, and solar energy in particular. The science centre is mainly built around the use of LEGO modules.

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