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Development of pretreatment method for biowaste


Mechanical biological treatment is located in "Piejura" waste management region, Latvia. Mechanical sorting technology for municipal waste is under the development that suits the existing conditions.

The aim of the project is to develop and test the mechanical sorting technology for municipal waste that suits the existing conditions. The project will contribute to the construction of a new waste sorting/reloading station that is an extension of an existing sorting facility in Jurmala. The current mechanical sorting technology needs to be reviewed and redesigned since the output does not fulfil the expected quality requirements.

The planned additional sorting/reloading technology consists of the new pretreatment unit and automatic sorting line to separate the waste into three categories: the light fraction – mainly paper and plastics, the mixed fraction – the fraction for disposal, and the heavy fraction – the biomaterial that can be composted. The planned capacity of the project for solid waste treatment is – reloading 275,000 m³ per year, sorting capacity 20,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year, composting site for 3,500 m³ of biowaste per year.


The specialized software WAMPS, based on life-cycle approach, has been used to find the optimal (from environmentral point of view) conditions for waste management in Piejuras region, as well as to present proposals for new regional waste management plan.

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