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Dalchoki Community Seed Bank (CSB)- Lalitpur- Nepal


The Dalchowki Community Seed Bank (CSB) was established through the Integrated Community Development Program (ICDP) implemented by USC Canada. The main function of the seed bank was to collect, enhance and multiply seeds of local varieties. Functions of CSB are wide-ranging and they include:
_conservation of plant genetic resources
_improving ease of access to local germplasm by the farming community
_production and distribution of quality seed, maintaining community _ownership/control on plant genetic.

Community Seed Banks(CSB)  aim to promote the management and sustainable use of both local and farmer-preferred modern varieties for food security and to improve the livelihoods of farmers.

1) Conservation and revival of traditional crop varieties and documenting traditional knowledge
2) Access to quality and quantity of locally adapted crop/varieties seeds19
3) Strengthening the multiple functions of the informal seed system and crop improvement
4) Scale of operation should be locally managed and under the control of the farming community
5) Empowering farmer organizations and supporting local governance
6) Provides a platform for social learning and collective action.

Problem addressed: Need for preserving biodiversity

Source: Biodiversity International website

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Dalchowki Village is about 25km south of Lalitpur district headquarters. Although not far from the country’s capital, southern Lalitpur represents one of the most remote areas in terms of access to basic facilities and public services

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