Dåva Landfill and Waste Center with a 1000-year perspective


Dåva Landfill and Waste Center in Umeå AB (Dåva DAC) takes care of many types of waste. Some examples are ashes from waste incineration and combustion of biofuels, contaminated soils, various waste products from the industry, waste for landfill from households and businesses, asbestos and sulphide soil. We see this as exciting wastes, often with great potential of recycling. We work with flexible solutions, in order to recycle as much as possible. There are many advantages of sorting the material correctly and extracting metals. We also offer safe disposal of waste that should not, or can not, be recycled. Our landfills are constructed in a 1000-year perspective; they are built with sealed bottom and provided with almost impermeable top coverage. The hazardous waste is annually covered with plastic sheeting to reduce leaching and finally encapsulated for long-term disposal.

Waste management at Dåvamyran north of Umeå stretches back to 1974. Much has happened during the more than 40 years that have passed and both the requirements for waste management and environmental awareness in the community has increased. Our mission is to provide long-term and environmentally sound disposal of waste, all from treatment and recycling to landfill. Dåva DAC has customers throughout northern Sweden from Gävle in the south to Kiruna in the north. Dåva DAC is also running the control of about 40 abandoned landfills within Umeå municipality.

Our flexibility is our strength and one of our main goals is to have a high environmental profile of our services. Dåva DAC is located in a business park, an industrial zone with a focus on waste management and energy recovery. Many of our customers and partners are only a stone's throw away which gives great advantages for co-operation. It is important for us to get into a project as early as possible, in order to learn more about the problem, the waste and possible treatment methods. We are constantly working to recycle even more material than today and we never stop to develop. Examples of recycling is the sorting of metals from waste ash and utilization of waste in construction in landfill sites or other facilities. We work with waste materials in both pure form and new compositions.

Leachate from landfills and treatment areas are treated and controlled before being discharged to receiving waters. The ponds are our most important purification step and they have a retention time of about six months, thanks to a design with floating walls.

Town: Umeå
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Website: http://www.avfallscenter.se/ (swedish)
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Duration: 1,5-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English

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