Biowaste collection and treatment systems in Šiauliai region


Improvement of the collection and processing of biowaste in the Šiauliai region. The aim of the project is to improve the collection and processing of biowaste in the Šiauliai region. Every year more than 48.9 tonnes of biowaste is delivered to regional dumpsites, totalling 45% of all waste collected. At the moment there is only one working composting site in the Šiauliai region and during 2012 there has been a plan to establish four additional composting sites in different municipalities.

The project concentrates on:
- The study of the composition of biowaste and identification of the problems of collection;
- Prepario of a plan for the optimal placement of biowaste containers;
- Carrying out a survey in order to investigate the problems which are faced by citizens while sorting biowaste and to identify the best biowaste-sorting solution;
- Providing biowaste containers for inhabitants of blocks of flats and ascertaining the best way to provide motivation;
- Estimation of the costs of maintenance of biowaste containers;
- Preparation and printing of material on the methodology of sorting biowaste.

Our main objective is to produce a quality compost and to sell it in order to cover our costs. Only technical compost was produced at the Kairiai composting site, which is suitable only to restore the first layer of ground after digging works.

The project will lead to a significant diversion of biowaste from landfill, and it is expected that this project will allow the production of better quality compost, which will also be suitable for agricultural activities.

Expected outcome

Improvement of waste management system: 15,000 tonnes of biowaste will be diverted from the landfill and used for compost production

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