#BELOVEDCITY- Collaboration for a better city


Älskade stad (‘Beloved City’) is a unique collaboration to reduce vehicle traffic in Stockholm city centre and inspire others to introduce more sustainable environmental initiatives for a vibrant city. Delivery vehicle traffic in and out of cities is increasing. To promote a clean and accessible city centre, delivery company Bring, real-estate company Vasakronan, waste and recycling company Ragn-Sells and the City of Stockholm have teamed up to found a commercially sustainable model. The hope is that more organisations will join this initiative.

Based on collaboration and a shared vision, Älskade stad helps reduce traffic and cuts air and noise pollution by combining parcel deliveries with the collection of recycling materials in small electric vehicles. This enables the optimisation of the waste management flow and makes the surrounding areas more attractive to live, work and spend time in. The initiative is also leading to the city reducing its carbon emissions and creating a safer environment for residents.

<i> Watch the video to find out more about the initiative: </i>

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