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Podcast with CTCN Director: Driving digital solutions that scale


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Boundless Podcast presents the Infinite Leaders series, where they are exploring how Digital Transformation, Data and Artificial Intelligence can promote, provide engagement and deliver environmental sustainability.

The idea of data being the new oil is outdated, but still there’s companies holding onto data and information that when shared will be extremely useful in solving global problems. This data, in the hands of the right people will absolutely transform systems.” Rose Mwebaza

The conversation with Dr. Rose Mwebaza is available here

🎙️ Rose is the Director of the UN Climate Technology Centre and has 20 years’ experience providing policy advice on a wide range of climate change, environment and sustainable development issues. She has previously served as Chief Natural Resources Officer at the African Development Bank, and held leadership positions within the UN Development Programme. Rose holds a PhD in Environment and Natural Resource Governance, a Master’s Degree in International Comparative Law and a Bachelor of Law Degree.

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