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New Website: Communicating Climate Technology

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“Climate Technology – the UNFCCC home for technology”, a new website that showcases UNFCCC support to countries for climate technology action, was launched by the United Nations Climate Change secretariat today.  

Climate change has largely been caused by technology and it will thus be critical to ensure that technology becomes more climate friendly. Importantly, new, low-emissions technologies such as renewables energy, as well as technologies that increase resilience to climate change effects need to be implemented across the world to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

Called TT:CLEAR, the website aims to be a go-to tool for speeding up the  development and transfer of climate technologies. It contains easy-to-search databases for fundable technology projects and policies that countries could implement in their drive to shift onto low-carbon and climate resilient development pathways. 

Linked to this, the website will function as a key resource for countries as they implement their climate action plans – called nationally determined contributions (NDCs) - to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives. 

The website is also the home of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. It contains comprehensive information on its Technology Executive Committee (TEC), including the TEC’s up-coming meetings and relevant documents. It also links to the Climate Technology Centre and Network, the implementing arm of the Technology Mechanism, which provides free technical assistance to developing countries on climate technology issues.

Furthermore, the website showcases developing country technology action plans seeking support for implementation. It also contains information on the technology needs assessments that developing countries undertake to scale up implementation. The website highlights technology activities that developed countries have supported in developing countries. The new TT:CLEAR also contains information about support for climate technology activities, including links to finance sources.

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