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Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action: an initiative by the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement 

The UNFCCC Technology Mechanism is setting in motion an initiative to explore the potential role of artificial intelligence as a powerful technological tool in advancing and scaling up transformative climate solutions for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, particularly for the most vulnerable communities.

The TEC-CTCN Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action initiative aims to deliver concrete and transformative results under the first joint work programme of the Technology Mechanism for 2023-2027. Digitalization is a key area of work in the TEC rolling workplan and the CTCN programme of work for the next five years, and a main focus for their joint activities. Digitalization is one of the system transformation enablers cutting across the 5 systems transformations  such as:

  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus
  • Building & Infrastructures
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Energy Systems
  • Business & Industry


Artificial Intelligence, together with machine learning, blockchain technology, and other technological innovations are enabling transformative solutions across the 5 systems transformations to accelerate progress on climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

The Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action initiative led by UNFCCC Technology Mechanism aims to ensure the global community benefits from this technology in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and other societal goals, while supporting a just transition. 

Artificial Intelligence can accelerate and ease a just transition to a clean energy economy, climate-smart agriculture, and supporting closing the emissions gap and achieving Paris Agreement targets. There are already multiple applications of artificial intelligence to climate action, and more are being developed, including:

  • Support the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, playing a crucial role in enhanced smart grids, and efficient electricity power generation, transmission, and distribution;
  • Benefit the most vulnerable communities, particularly in the least developed countries and small island developing states, by paving the way for more effective disaster risk reduction and multi hazard early warning systems; 
  • Bolster the resilience of farmers and agricultural communities by improving access to timely information about weather patterns and  enhancing irrigation and planting systems.


The TEC, CTCN, and its global network, have joined forces and are poised to have a crucial role in developing countries, deploying artificial intelligence solutions, which are responsive to national needs, sustainable and inclusive. This initiative aims to:

  • Provide a space for policy discussions, awareness raising, and exchange of knowledge and experience among relevant stakeholders on developing and deploying climate solutions powered by artificial intelligence;
  • Support capacity building efforts in developing countries to leverage emerging digital technologies and devise locally-led solutions harnessing artificial intelligence, including the development of road maps, climate-resilient pathways, and national action plans for the adoption of artificial-intelligence-based climate action; 
  • Develop regional networks of institutions supporting artificial intelligence for climate actions.


The TEC and CTCN call for partners from public and private entities, across different fields of expertise and regions, who believe in the power of collective action, to join this initiative. 

To receive updates on the initiative and ways to engage, follow #AI4ClimateAction, join the Network or subscribe to the CTCN newsletter, and the UN Climate Change Technology Linkedin Group.

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