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Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission

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The OECS Commission is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to economic harmonisation and integration, protection of human and legal rights, and the encouragement of good governance between countries and dependencies in the Eastern Caribbean.  The OECS is guided by six (6) strategic objectives and works across its programmatic areas in all Member States to consolidate the single economic space for enhanced economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

St. Georges Declaration of Principles for Environmental Sustainability (SGDs) in the OECS to minimize environmental vulnerability, improve environmental management and protect the region’s natural resource base for optimal social and economic benefits for Member States. Member States also agree to collaborate with national regional and international institutions to assist the governments and their national partners to secure and maintain the technical, financial and human resources required to achieve the goals and targets of the SGDs. One of the stated principles of the SGDs is to address the causes and impacts of climate change.

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