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Korea Western Power CO., Ltd. (KOWEPO)

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(32140) 285, jungang-ro, taean-eup, taean-gun, chungchengnam-do, Republic of Korea
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Network Member
Type of organisation:
Public sector organisation
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Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “KOWEPO”) is one of the public enterprises and leading power supplier in Korea as well. KOWEPO split off from Korea Electric Power Corporation by Korea Power Industry Restructuring Act in April 2001, and now its generation capacity is almost 10% of the entire domestic electricity consumption. KOWEPO has 2,546 employees, 11,333MWs of installed capacity mostly composed of thermal and combined cycle powers.

By Korean government’s policy for balanced homeland development, KOWEPO moved its head office from Seoul to Taean-gun in 2015. KOWEPO has expanded more corporation activities with local society. KOWEPO always considers environment preservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation especially for vulnerable group of society, and co-benefit business relation together with SMEs as number one priority for sustainable growth as well.

For achieving company vision ‘Beyond Energy, Create Happiness’ and ‘2030 Climate Change Future Plan’, KOWEPO set-up 4 key sub-plans listed below;

(1) GHG reduction: improve equipment efficiency and performance, expand new & renewable energy, implement both internal & external reduction projects

(2) Creation of future new technology market: demonstrate & commercialize advanced CCU technologies,develop new CO2 free biofuel, implement overseas reduction projects

(3) Response to emission right trade scheme: save emission right securing cost, maintain up-to-date trade response system, cultivate in-house specialists

(4) Create ‘Low-Carbon Company Culture’ and expand: secure leadership of the low-carbon product policy, create and share low-carbon culture with stakeholders

KOWEPO tends to find out and remove blind-spot of society relative to GHG reduction activities. Social contribution is the number one priority in every emission reduction projects. For effective response to climate change mitigation, KOWEPO will seek cooperative projects with vulnerable group such as SMEs, the elderly, etc.