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Environmental Consulting Company S.A.S

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Environmental Consulting Company SAS (ENVICCOL SAS) is  an environmental, social and economic consulting firm, created to advise public or private  organizations  within  the  framework  of sustainable development. 

ENVICCOL SAS has developed five specialized lines of action:

  • Technical: (Complex Environmental Studies, Environmental Modeling of Contaminants, Environmental Restoration, HSEQ-SG SST Assurance).
  • Management: (Environmental Legal Management, Social Management, Urban Environmental Management, Comprehensive Risk Management).
  • Strategic: (International Environmental Standards, Environmental Management RETIE & RETILAP, Adaptation to Climate Change, Environmental Health).
  • Economic: (Environmental Economy, Environmental Tax Benefits, Sustainable Rural Development, Low Carbon Development).
  • International education: (International Experts, International Diplomates, International Courses, International Business Solutions).