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ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft

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ECO Consult

ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft was founded in the year of the UN Rio Summit in 1992. ECO, offers integrated advisory services for developing countries and countries in transition. ECO is among Germany’s leading international consultants to offer independent technical advise for sustainable development in the environment and social sectors, particularly in the fields of REDD+ and wood energy, along the value-chain from the production to the end-users, including innovative stove and carbonization technologies.

Eco's activities include strategic, management, technical and organisational improvements. Controlling and evaluation services are offered as well as training. In others words, ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft is covering all the activities included the classical project cycle as well as the supporting activities as knowledge management and capacity building. In forestry and ecosystems development ECO delivers a considerable share of the Federal Republic of Germany’s ODA technical services as entrusted to the private sector. ECO is a member of several consultative panels of German ODA. Traditional regional foci of ECO’s are the French-speaking North and West of Africa and the SADC. Other operations concentrate in East Africa, South East and Central Asia. Important markets have emerged in Latin America and the European countries in transition.

ECO is renowned for its excellent technical capacities and innovative conceptual approaches as well as for its efficient administrative and financial management of commissions. With a professional team of over 30 experts (foresters, geographers, agronomists, economists, sociologists, educationists, editors and accountancy experts) and access to partner countries’ local networks, ECO has your unique resource base for cooperation. In the field of wood energy, we provide adapted and holistic services as:

  • Development of adequate framework conditions (wood-energy supply plans, harmonization of administrative procedures, legal analysis, incentive taxation and tenure rights)
  • Sustainable management of woodfuel supply sources and increased production
  • Charcoal production: introduction of modern conversion technologies and semi-industrial kilns
  • Improvement of the commercial network including conducive benefit-sharing arrangements and
  • Improvement of combustion technologies (households and small cottage industries)

Training and capacity development play an important role in ECO's activities. ECO's training courses are designed to reflect the participants’ needs and contexts. Several courses are available: (i) Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning, (ii) Ecosystem-based Adaptation, (iii) National Adaptation Planning, (iv) Climate-smart agriculture, (v) ValueLinks – Promotion of Sustainable Value Chains and  (vi) Access and Benefit Sharing.