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Cluster Solaire

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Cluster Solaire

Immeuble ZENITH 1, 4ème étage, lotissement CIVIM, lots N°19-20, Sidi Mâarouf, Casablanca, Morocco

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Network Member
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Not for profit organisation
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The objective of Cluster Solaire is to help strengthen skills and develop industrial expertise in the field of renewable energy. By coordinating professional organizations, manufacturers, researchers and academics, Cluster Solaire combines multiple resources and skills, encourages cooperation, and promotes development of synergies between public and private stakeholders. Cluster Solaire supports green energy companies across Morocco and the MENA region in their effort to design new technologies that reduce carbon emissions and preserve the planet. In the framework of its projects, Cluser Solaire developed the following activities:

  • Green Business Incubator: to provide support to future entrepreneurs;
  • Green Business Booster: a co-funding program and technical assistance with the aim to develop innovative green products;
  • Green Business Network: online networking platform;
  • Green Business Advisory: capacity building program; and
  • Market and Business Intelligence
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