Bishop Land Design

Bishop Land Design (BLD) is a collaborative studio founded on the principle of solving environmental and ecological issues through the study of human ecology. As human ecologists the research of BLD focuses on the interaction of our species with the environment by finding ways to increase productive and hybridized living systems to create positive gain.

Country of registration
United States
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1354 Hancock Street, Suite 309, Quincy MA 02169, USA
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Capacity building and training
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Private sector organization
Type of climate technology services
Capacity building
Knowledge management
Policy and planning
Technology development/transfer
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Coastal Zones
Early Warning and Environmental Assesment
Ecosystems and biodiversity
Flood hazard mapping
General planning solutions
Hazard mapping
Infrastructure and Urban planning
Integration of green spaces in planning
Land use in human settlements
Resilient railway systems
Resilient transport systems
Runoff control structures to temporarily store rainfall
Urban infrastructure development
Urban planning
Urban storm water management
Water augmentation (increasing capture and storage of surface run-off)
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Coastal zones
Early warning and Environmental assessment
Infrastructure and Urban planning
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United States