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Americas Sustainable Development Foundation (ASDF)

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P.O. Box 5202 Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
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Research and academic institution

Americas Sustainable Development Foundation (ASDF) is an independent not-for-profit advisory foundation that connects people with innovative ideas to effectively address sustainable development challenges across the Americas.
We envision a world where humans live and thrive in harmony with their environment. Our mission is to facilitate the transition towards sustainable development in communities throughout the Americas. Drawing strength from our extensive network, resources, and experience, we: 

  • Facilitate awareness raising;
  • Support capacity building and research collaboration;
  • Create, collect and disseminate scientific data;
  • Provide objective guidance for policy and decision-making entities;
  • Support start-ups and existing organizations pursuing similar or related sustainability objectives; and
  • Establish strategic Public-Private-Partnerships and other strategic alliances.

As a non-profit foundation we mainly focus on helping the public sector, private enterprises, and the academia of nations in the American Continent to create the enabling environment to recognize the value and business opportunities behind new evolving solutions and ideas that highly depend on technological innovation, development, and adoption. ASDF is the founding member of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas (, and principal organizer of the Circular Economy Forum of the Americas ( This with the vision of creating the necessary awareness and build capacity throughout the American Continent in order to start the process of transitioning toward circular economies in the region. Technology Based Business Opportunities are central to this transition, as this new paradigm shift requires the rethinking and re-inventing your business model, products and services, and related technologies to become compatible with a rapidly evolving global economy that is increasingly accepting and applying the principles of the Circular Economy.

ASDF also focuses on finding suitable and sustainable technology-based solutions for the islands states in the Caribbean. This entails facilitating and performing pre-feasibility studies on the potential for Blue Economy solutions where the ocean is the main source of solutions to the food, energy and water challenges in small islands and coastal regions. Exploring the marine based resources requires innovation and opens opportunities for new technology based business opportunities to build resilience to climate change and address basic needs as water, food, and energy needs in island and coastal communities.