CTCN/NDE of Germany/NDE of France webinar: Potential for climate technology transfer through cooperation with Annex-I NDEs

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02 October 2018 - 4:00 pm > 5:30 pm CEST
Climate Technology Centre and Network

For representatives of non-Annex-I countries, there are multiple opportunities to collaborate with Annex-I NDEs. They represent a contact point for technology transfer of cross-sectoral climate technologies and offer value through access to information on latest developments as well as technology networks within their ontext of thcountries. Furthermore, Annex-I NDEs can provide support in CTCN-related questions and guide to suitable financing options within and beyond the CTCN.

In this webinar, this was demonstrated by describing concrete examples of the activities of the German and French NDE's activities and successful cooperation with non-Annex-I countries. A technology example with potential for scale-up in countries of the African continent was also presented.


The Implementing Office of the NDE Germany works on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It serves as the first point of contact for all:

·        enquiries from the CTCN and other national designated entities about German climate-related technologies, programmes run by the Federal Government, services or potential cooperation projects on research in the context of the Technology Mechanism;

·        enquiries about potential technology cooperation projects with German companies, research institutions and public entities;

·        enquiries from German companies and investors.

The NDE Germany also works with a wide range of private sector players in climate mitigation and adaptation, including associations, SMEs, research institutions, start-ups and industry. Successful technology solutions are presented on our recently launched web portal.

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) acts as the National Designated Entity for France. ADEME is a public agency which is active in the implementation of public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development. It is placed under the joint authority of the Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition and the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

As NDE for France, ADEME‘s main objective is to help answer the needs of non-Annex I NDE‘s and CTCN network members with French technical expertise and climate knowledge. To this end, ADEME relies on its partnerships with French public and private stakeholders, including its dedicated network: Club ADEME international.

Club ADEME International gathers more than 150 innovative French cleantech companies active on the international markets of sustainable development.


Regina Karakina

Regina Karakina has her background in natural sciences and research. She has been working in the field of development for about ten years and has been involved in climate technology transfer and consulting projects in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa in the past two years. As a network coordinator within the NDE Germany Implementing Office, she has been facilitating the exchange between German technology providers and relevant stakeholders in target countries, potential investors and other intermediaries who help scale up climate-friendly solutions.

Laurent Caillierez

Laurent Caillierez has been working for 12 years on international policies and projects related with environment protection and the development of sustainable energies. Currently coordinator for multilateral initiatives and projects at ADEME, he participates in the work of the French climate negotiations team concerning technology transfers and coordinates the activities of the French NDE for CTCN. Previously, Laurent has notably been working 6 years on the promotion of French eco-innovations and cleantechs at the international level, in close cooperation with French companies.

Cécile Gracy

Cécile Gracy has a background in Regional and Urban Strategies and International Affairs. She has been working in the field of Energy, Environment and Climate policies for 5 years, including in Brussels where she was dealing with European projects, and in the Middle East where she was working closely with the international Renewable Energy Agency. As a Project Officer at the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), she is contributing to the initiatives of the Global Climate Action Agenda developed in the frame of the international climate negotiations, in particular in the fields of Buildings, Mobility and Solar Energy.

Dominik Diechmann

Dominik Diechmann has a background in infrastructure Technology and Management. He has been working in the field of Renewable Energies, in particularly in solar, wind, biogas, virtual power plants and batteries for 12 years. Currently, he is working as a Senior Sales Manager at BASF New Business GmbH for Business Development and Energy. Before joining BASF, he was employed at Mercedes-Benz Energy and a former Start-up Entreprenuer.