CTCN/Econoler: Sector-Based Energy Efficiency

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The webinar presents various types of energy efficiency measures that can be implemented in various sectors: industrial (motors and speed-drives; compressed air systems…); commercial and institutional (electric systems; building architecture; lighting systems…); and residential (electricity, lighting). 


Mr. Pierre Langlois is a senior expert with 28 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency. A mechanical engineer by training, he has worked all his career in energy efficiency, first in an Energy Performance Contracting environment, then as President of Econoler, one of the world’s leading EE consulting firms. His expertise includes a broad range of EE- related topics including topics energy service company (ESCO) start-ups and operation in industrialized and developing countries, EE policies and action plans, design of demand-side management programs, measurement and verification of energy savings and design of innovative financial mechanisms for energy efficiency. Mr. Langlois has worked in 45 countries around the world (Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East) in projects financed or led by the leading IFI and other international organizations involved in sustainable energy. He is considered one of the world’s leading experts in ESCO and energy performance contracting, as well as in other types of financial mechanisms for EE and RE, including dedicated funds, lines of credit, partial guarantee mechanisms and others. 

In addition to leading Econoler, Mr. Langlois is Vice-President of the Efficiency Valuation Organization and a regular trainer for the EVO- designed Certified Measurement & Verification course and certification, as well as several other courses on energy efficiency offered by Econoler’s international training center.

Introduction: Econoler

Econoler is a private sector consulting firm established in 1981 in Canada with the mission to provide quality energy efficiency and renewable energy professional services while respecting sustainable development principles. Econoler is specialized in energy efficiency and has 35 years of experience in this field of expertise, with around 4 000 projects conducted in close to 130 countries in the world, in all regions.