Climate Change Adaptation Technologies in Water Sector: Learning from Case Studies

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27 May 2015 - 4:00 pm > 5:30 pm CEST
UNEP-DHI Partnership – Centre on Water and Environment

The aim of this CTCN Webinar on water adaptation technologies is to introduce the participants to climate change issues, adaptation and technologies in water resources management and in water dependent sectors, respectively. Furthermore, this webinar  will elaborate on adaptation technologies for water sector, using case studies to show how technology, in the form of climate and hydrological models, can be used to develop and apply knowledge on how best to manage water resources in the light of climate change induced water resource challenges – a critical need in most developing countries.

The webinar is part of the series of webinar organised by the Climate technology Centre and Network (CTCN) that introduces a wide-array of climate technologies in various sectors, such as energy, transport, industry, water, agriculture, forest, disaster management etc.

The introduction of the webinar will be done by Maija Bertule (Programme Advisor, UNEP-DHI) and Gareth James Lloyd (Senior Programme Advisor, UNEP-DHI) will act as facilitator.

Case studies

  • Nile Basin: Understanding the impacts of climate change induced water-stress (Michael Brian Butts, , DHI).
  • India: Integrated multi-sector river management (Claus Skotner, Head of Projects, DHI).
  • Denmark: Modelling urban climate change adaptation (Ole Mark, Director, DHI).
  • Coastal climate adaptation simulations (speaker to be confirmed).

About the speakers

Dr. Michael Butts is Head of Innovation in the area of Water Resources and Environmental Management at DHI, and has more than 20 years of professional experience in hydrology. His experience includes hydrological and geophysical fieldwork, hydrological data analysis, network design, as well as development and application of hydrological databases and the development and application of integrated models (surface- and groundwater) in water resources and water quality management applications.

Dr. Claus Skotner is Head of Projects within the field of water resources. He has more than 20 years of experience in water resources management, and his research and development experience comprises hydrodynamic modelling, river hydraulics and real-time flood forecasting systems and data assimilation and error forecast techniques. He has been responsible for the customisation and installation of hydrological and hydraulic flow forecasting systems in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. The systems integrate data management, forecast modelling, decision support and dissemination tools in a real-time data environment. Several international assignments have included transfer of technology to developing countries and training of staff.

Dr. Ole Mark is a specialist in climate change and urban water systems, with focus on sewer, drainage and surface water in the cities. His work is highly focused on research and practical problem solving within the hydrological cycle in cities, incl. urban flooding and urban water impacts on the receiving waters. Ole Mark has comprehensive experience in general urban hydrology, stormwater management, flood forecasting, climate change, and real-time decision support, and he is author/co-author of more than 100 publications.