Voluntary Technology Talk, a Network Engagement Event

Events facts

03 June 2024 - 10:00 am > 05 June 2024 - 7:00 pm KST


This year, during the 45th ENVEX Environment Exhibition / World Climate Expo, CTCN will offer a platform for bilateral and multilateral discussions on TA project ideation, showcasing promising environmentally sound and green energy technologies. 

Implementing its mission, the CTCN has focused on stimulating technology cooperation and enhancing the development and transfer of climate technologies to developing countries. With CTCN supporting over 110 countries through innovation, transfer, and knowledge sharing, our Network members play a crucial role in providing technology solutions. 

In alignment with CTCN’s 3rd Programme of Work (PoW) 2023-2027, there is a need to facilitate the co-creation of scalable technical assistance projects, encouraging collaboration through initiatives like ‘Voluntary Technology Talk’. 

To date, CTCN has supported over 75 NDEs globally in seeking and discussing potential technology partnerships.

The event will take place over three days, welcoming in-person participation from up to 10 NDEs.