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CTCN Scoping Workshop: Supporting "First-of-a-kind" Climate Technology


22 May 2017 - 23 May 2017 CEST

In order to strengthen the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 66 requests the Technology Executive Committee and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to undertake further work relating to, inter alia:

  1. Technology research, development and demonstration;
  2. The development and enhancement of endogenous capacities and technologies.

The objectives of the Scoping Workshop were to:

  1. Define the status and potential for matchmaking support of First-of-a-Kind climate technologies to developing countries through the CTCN.
    This scoping workshop will explore opportunities for CTCN to support First-of-a-Kind climate technology demonstration. Participants will be drawn from the CTCN Advisory Board, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC), Climate Technology Centre Consortium Partners, Climate Technology Network members, National Designated Entities (NDEs) to the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, and other expert stakeholders. The workshop will establish a common basis for the discussion of climate technology piloting and demonstration, consider representative examples, and map the expertise of Climate Technology Network institutions related to innovative, First-of-a-Kind climate technologies. This includes identifying needs of adapting technologies to local contexts that could be facilitated through the CTCN. Discussions will address new business models and market conditions for demonstration and subsequent deployment. The CTCN will act as a matchmaker between countries, Consortium partners, Network members, including the private sector and financial institutions. The workshop will draw on findings from the special event organised by the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) on May 12th, "How innovation can support implementation of nationally determined contributions and mid-century strategies" as well as proceedings of the 46th meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies to the UNFCCC.
  2. Identify means of de-risking public and private sector investment in First-of-a-Kind climate technologies, adapting to local and regional contexts, enabling policies, fiscal instruments and markets.
    Discussions will identify local, national and regional needs in developing economies for First-of-a-Kind technology piloting and demonstration, as well as adapting of climate technologies to local and national conditions. Roundtable discussions involving CTCN Advisory Board members, NDEs, CTC Network members, TEC members, Consortium Partners, and other relevant stakeholders, will explore gaps and opportunities towards de-risking financial investment including policies, fiscal instruments, enabling markets and incentives.


  • NDEs from Annex I and non-Annex I countries
  • Climate Technology Network members working with First-of-a-Kind climate technologies
  • CTCN Consortium Partners
  • TEC representatives
  • CTCN Advisory Board Members
  • UNFCCC Secretariat
  • Relevant stakeholders

Presentations, panel discussions, group exercises, and group discussions in a roundtable style. All discussions and presentations will be conducted in English.

Photos from the workshop


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