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CTCN Regional Forum for NDEs of Asian Countries


02 September 2019 - 11:00 am - 03 September 2019 - 7:30 pm +07

The new Technology Framework and the need for accelerated actions was the focus of the CTCN Asia Regional Forum held 2 to 3 September, 2019 in Bangkok Thailand.  As expressed by Mr. Ping Zhong, CTCN Advisory Board Member, ‘We see fires in the Amazon and Siberia, record breaking temperatures in Western Europe and the Arctic Circle. These facts demonstrate that climate change isn’t a threat, it’s a reality.’

Within this mind set of urgency, a reflection on past successes in enhancing resilience and reducing greenhouse gas emissions was paired with a call by NDEs to better place CTCN support within long-term technology transitions. Examples from across Asia highlighted the importance of financing and policy frameworks for technologies and shined a spotlight on good examples of engagement with industry and the successful leveraging of funds.

From building energy efficiency in Thailand to enhancing flood and drought management in Myanmar participants demonstrated the breadth of scope addressed by the CTCN’s Asian portoflio. However worrying trends were also noted. Requests for support from the Asia region have been dropping year after year, the long-term impact of CTCN support is seldom recorded, and awareness of the CTCN remains low.  

To address these trends participants called upon the CTCN to significantly scale up communications and capacity building support, especially at the national level. Participants also called for a shared vision for technology support between the CTCN and TEC on one side and the GCF and GEF on the other.

Low-emission transport and RD&D were explored in depth. Both issues revealed the importance of regional and international cooperation to exchange knowledge and information and accelerate technology transfer. Multi-country and programmatic approaches were supported and enhanced action by the CTCN to support trans-boundary cooperation was requested.

Supported by the participation of partners from the TEC, GCF and UNFCCC the Asia Regional Forum set priorities for 2020, ‘The CTCN has operated for five years, in that time the climate crisis has penetrated political and economic narratives. I appreciate your frank reflections and look forward to partnering in the coming months to develop a regional strategy reflective of your enhanced commitments to action’, concluded Jaime Webbe, Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific.

For more information, please contact Ms. Jaime Webbe, Regional Manager. 

United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand

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