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COP25. Gender mainstreaming in Technology Needs Assessments


10 December 2019 - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CET

Venue: Global Climate Action, round table room

Over the past 20 years, a number of UNFCCC decisions have addressed the important linkages between gender and climate change. As requested in the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan, the Climate Technology Centre & Network and UNEP DTU Partnership is providing capacity building and knowledge sharing on gender mainstreaming in Technology Needs Assessments. The objectives of this training event are to:

  ·         Focus on sharing lessons learned, country experiences and key recommendations for development and implementation of gender-responsive Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) with the aim of building the capacity of operating entities and stakeholders throughout the TNA process.  

·         Facilitate discussions on gender-just technology prioritization, support identification of needs, and build the capacity of stakeholders to systematically ensure equal participation of men and women in national planning processes  

Tentative agenda: 

10 min  Welcoming remarks & introductions

·         Karina Larsen, Knowledge and Communication Manager, Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)

·         Vladimir Hecl, UNFCCC Secretariat

15 min Strengthening gender considerations in technology prioritisation, development and transfer

·         Silvia Ribeiro, Latin America Director, ETC Group

20 min Successful examples of gender mainstreaming in climate technology processes

·         Case I, Karina Larsen, CTCN: Inclusion of women in energy supply chains in India and Nepal 

·         Case II, Anne Barre, WECF: Identification and prioritization of gender-just climate technologies  

20 min Gender mainstreaming in technology needs assessments – what has happened since?

·        Ala Druta, TNA regional consultant: TNA and gender guidance document

·        Sara Traerup, Head, ‘Technology, Transitions and System Innovation’, UNEP-DTU Partnership (UDP), How has gender been incorporated by countries since the launch of the gender guidance and lessons learnt

15 min Country experiences 

·        Ayesha Constable, Jamaica: Experiences in applying the TNA and gender guide to national climate process - successes and challenges with taking gender into consideration in team composition and engagement of stakeholders throughout the process, how they analyse the gender sensitivity of prioritized technologies etc

30 min

Q&A + discussions in large groups with other country representatives sharing their experiences

Moderator: TBC
10 min Final remarks: increasing stakeholder collaboration and capacity building for integrating gender considerations in Technology Needs Assessments Karina Larsen, CTCN 



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