5. How to apply (for UNEP-CTCN programme only)?

An applicant (e.g. government, non-governmental organisation, community group, young innovator and other groups) should fill in an application template which can be downloaded via the programme webpage. The applicant is required to develop an application (technology concept) in close consultation with its national focal points to the Adaptation Fund (Designated Authority) and the CTCN (National Designated Entity, NDE). It is also acceptable to develop an application in which multiple countries engage.

The application should be endorsed by the Designated Authority and the NDE of the country prior to official submission. The Designated Authority of the country needs to confirm the following statement included in the application template by checking a box next to the statement.

“The Designated Authority of the country has been engaged in the design of the technology concept and will be involved in the further process leading to the implementation of the micro-grants project.”

The NDE of the country needs to sign the application before online submission to UNEP-CTCN. Please note that if the application does not have endorsement from the national focal points, it will not be evaluated in the selection stage. Please find the national focal points of your country through the web-links as below:


The NDE should submit the application via the programme webpage. It is requested to provide basic information online (e.g. name of the country, title of the technology concept, adaptation sector, etc.) when submitting the application.

Please check more details on the UNEP-CTCN programme either by clicking on the application button or through the web-link as below:


For the UNDP programme, please check details either by clicking on the application button or through the web-link as below:


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