2. Who to apply?

The AFCIA will provide developing countries with special opportunities for innovation in adaptation. Please note that UNEP-CTCN and UNDP have different eligibility for supporting developing countries in the AFCIA.

  • (UNEP-CTCN) The eligible countries in the programme include developing countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and Caribbean under the UNFCCC that do not have National Implementing Entities (NIEs) accredited with the Adaptation Fund (113 countries in total as of April 2021). 
  • (UNDP) The programme is open to Not-for-profit, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Business Member Associations (BMOs), and other Associations, Cooperatives, or Community Based Organisations registered in a developing country.


For developing countries with the Adaptation Fund’s accredited NIEs, the Adaptation Fund provides a recently launched innovation grant funding window, and more information can be found by clicking here. Please note that an applicant cannot submit the same application to both UNEP-CTCN and UNDP. As administrators of the AFCIA, UNEP-CTCN and UNDP will cross check applications to ensure there is no duplication. Please check more details on the UNEP-CTCN programme and the UNDP programme either by clicking on the application buttons or through the web-links as below:

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