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National Environmental Agency, Georgia

Country of registration:
D. Aghmashenebeli av.150 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
Relation to CTCN:
TA proponent
Type of organisation:
Specialized agency

The scope of activities of the Agency is preparation and dissemination of warnings and notifications in the event of expected natural, hydrometeorological and geological disasters and adverse events, as well as in cases of forecasts on extreme environmental pollution for the purpose of ensuring of the state security and safety; preparation of hydrometeorological forecast on river basis, water bodies, the Black Sea Territorial Waters; engineering-ecological assessment of geological processes; preparation and dissemination of information on the state of environment; management of the state unified information fund on the mineral resources; development and management of a unified information fund on the land resources; registration and tracking of conducted and ongoing industrial and scientific-geological works, registration of deposits of mineral resources and deposit occurrences; development of the state balance and cadastre data bases and their updating, development of environmental data bases; monitoring of coastal zones, promotion of implementation of international commitments in the spheres under the competence of the Agency, that Georgia has undertaken; provision of meteorological services and support to civil aviation; issuing of licenses on use of natural resource (except for oil and gas) in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits and other laws, as well as management and coordination of activities related to issuance of licenses.

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