Sustainable Development Center Remissia

Sustainable Development Centre “Remissia” is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization (NGO) established in 2011. “Remissia” aims to promote integration of climate change issues in national planning and provide capacity building programmes at national and municipal levels, for government, public and private sector. It supports government agencies in preparation of sustainable development strategies and action plans for different sectors of economy at national and local levels, introduction of knowledge and new methodologies for sustainable management, contribution to the state-of –the –art technologies transfer process and development of indigenous know-how, and strengthening the national and local capacity building process. Since 2019, “Remissia” has been intensively involved in training programmes for LFI (local financial institutions), banking sector. “Remissia” and its staff has experience in development of low emission plans and strategies as well as adaptation strategies at local level (cities, municipalities, regions) as well as national strategies (adaptation and mitigation strategies for national communications and others). “Remissia” and its staff has also worked on development and implementation of specific emission mitigation and adaptation projects in different sectors, such as energy, forestry, waste, water resources, etc. The staff of “Remissia” has experience in development and using different models to support decision-making including MARKAL/TIMES, LEAP, WEAP, COFIX, COPERT, AQUACROP, CROPWAT, and others. They have been also actively involved in various UNFCCC processes, such as negotiations, clean development mechanism, international consultation and analysis and international assessment and review.

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14a Elguja Amashukeli str., Tbilisi, Georgia
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