Daehan E&C Co., Ltd.

DAEHAN’s main business areas are Bio Energy, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Water Management, etc. The R&D areas are International Joint R&D, Biochar Issues, Torrefaction of biomass, WTE(Waste-to-Energy) to respond to Climate Change. We have large networks at domestic and abroad as a collaborative institute for various activities such as Feasibility Study and R&D. The public institutions under the Korean Government such as Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, Korea Energy Agency, Korea Plant Industries Association, as well as Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER) as the government-funded research institute, and overseas institutions like PLN, ARDEMR, PT. Adhi Karya, PT. PN5 are our collaborative institutes. 

DAEHAN has a subsidiary called “E2Global Co., Ltd.”, which is mainly engaged in the environment and energy business. As the EPC enterprise, DAEHAN is a supplier of recycling sorting facilities(MRF) and SRF energy conversion facilities. Since 2016, we have experience in WTE (mainly SRF fuel production project using both MSW and LFW) feasibility study and SRF production pilot operation in Indonesia. More than 3 Feasibility Study are implemented in Indonesia related to WTE, mainly MSW sorting and recycling. Also we installed SRF Production Pilot and operated it by using MSW as fuel. Recently, we are pursuing projects to acquire carbon credits through energy conversion using by-products (such as Empty fruit bunch) from Palm plantation and POME water purification. By extracting methane gas from POME, we prevent spreading out from Methane into the air, them it contributes to reduce Green House Gas.

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