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Africa Policy Institute

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NHIF Building, Parking Towers, 5th floor, 34791-00100 Nairobi
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Research and academic institution
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API is an independent non-profit think tank providing policy research and analysis in security, governance and strategic issues including environment. We help governments, civil society, regional and international organizations in creating a clean, peaceful, secure and prosperous nations. Since 2007, we have acquired extensive work experience across the world where we have provided technical and advisory support in developing solutions to public policy challenges.  API has 5 centers; China-Africa, The Horn, Forced Displacement, Democracy & Resilience and Environment & Natural Resources.

The Center for Environment and Natural Resources promotes public participation, collaboration, and partnerships in the implementation of policies on environment and climate change. The participation, collaboration and partnerships may be mandatory (required by a specific law or regulation) or voluntary (implemented to achieve better natural resource decisions and management). The objective of the center is to foster practical and political support for natural resource management, reduce the propensity for conflict over resource uses and reduce effects on climate change.

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