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  • Objective

    What are biodigesters?

    A biodigester system utilizes organic waste, particularly animal and human excreta, to produce fertilizer and biogas. A biodigester consists of an airtight, high-density polyethylene container within which excreta diluted in water flow continuously and are fermented by microorganisms present in the waste. The fermentation process is anaerobic, i.e., it takes place without oxygen, and the bacteria responsible for decomposition are methanogenic (i.e., they produce methane, also known as biogas).

  • Objective

    Cellulosic ethanol is an alcohol produced from the feedstock available in wide variety of plant materials and agricultural residues. Although chemically identical with the first generation bioethanol, it differs in the use of raw material. Hence cellulosic ethanol differs from the conventional ethanol in its use of feedstock and the process implied at the different stages of production.