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Technologies are not gender neutral, and tackling climate change demands that everyone's experience and skills are utilized. Therefore climate technology action needs to ensure that women and men are both engaged in decision-making processes, development and use of technologies, and benefit from their outcomes. Women commonly face higher risks and greater burdens from the impacts of climate change, and their needs must be addressed to ensure effective and equitable climate change actions. Women also bring new perspectives and innovations in identifying and implementing solutions. Below you will find  gender-related publications, partners, CTCN technical assistance, technologies and other information for exploring the topic of gender and climate change solutions further.  


  • Center for Creativity and Sustainability Study and Consultancy

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     FORMTEXT Center for Creativity and Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS) is an NGO founded in 2013 and based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its mission is to promote sustainable consumption and Production in Vietnam by applying creative methods, solutions and development models. CCS specializes in R&D, lab and field testing, technology transfer, capacity building, consultancy and policy advisory on clean and renewable energy solutions, sustainable product design, and organic zero-waste agriculture.