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Economics and financial decision-making

economics and decision making

In order to achieve ambitious national climate goals, the use of economic instruments such as crop and climate insurance, taxes, feed-in tariffs for renewable energy and other financial incentives are important enablers. The CTCN is collaborating with relevant stakeholders to support local entrepreneurs, small- and medium enterprises and larger businesses, as well as governmental decision-makers, in identifying these economic instruments. Furthermore the CTCN provides technical assistance for strengthening countries’ capacity to access international financing for climate technology opportunities. Below you will find related publications, partners, CTCN technical assistance, technologies and other information for exploring this topic further.  

Economics and financial decision-making

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    Nitlapan UCA's mission is to promote models of inclusive development by non-financial services and interventions in the value chain and better governance of land and natural resources. Nitlapan UCA has expertise in the combination of innovation processes, research, academic and vocational training. Nitlapan UCA contributes to overcoming poverty, marginalization and social exclusion through critical and own thinking on development processes.