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Vehicle and fuel technologies

  • Objective

    Solution for Fuel Economy and Pollution. We are looking for individuals or companies that will be willing to help develop a new system we identify as the Easy Go Trailer (EGT). Brining this system to the attention of the transportation industry introduces a process that solves all of the basic problems the transportation industry has all at the same time. The main problem that will show improvements are company profits as vehicle fuel economy improves by 80%. With better fuel economy will also show significant pollution reduction that will promote reduced global warming effects.

  • Objective

    Direct-injection compression-ignition engines also known as HCCI (homogeneous charge compression-ignition) engines offer an alternative to conventional spark-ignited and diesel combustion systems. HCCI engines produce low particulate (soot) and nitrogen oxide emissions and exhibit high thermal efficiency. However in HCCI engines there is no direct control of ignition such as a spark. Instead HCCI engines rely on auto-ignition making combustion phasing (timing of auto-ignition) difficult to control.

  • Objective

    About CM Partner

    1. Power electronic manufacturing since 1987

    2. Lithium battery manufacturing since 2007

    3. Electric motorcycle manufacturing since 2010

    Technology: Electric motorcycle, Lithium battery active material & pouch cell manufacturing technology

    Sunbike (Electric motorcycle) 

    - Max speed: 60km/h 

    - Driving range per 1 charge: 40~50km 

    - 33.89%(18.72°) of hill climbing performance  

    - Detachable 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery