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Water reuse

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    Technology Description: Professor Hoek and colleagues have developed a novel reverse osmosis (RO) membrane formulation that is chlorine tolerant and extremely hydrophilic which imparts significantly better biofouling resistance in application like desalination and water reuse. These new RO membranes could be packaged for use in new and existing RO water treatment plants where they could reduce overall energy demand and cost of operation. Applications: RO water treatment plants

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    Technology Overview: Osmotic energy is a completely renewable source that utilizes the mixing entropy of two solutions with different salinity. In the 1970s pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) as a membrane-based separation process was proposed to extract the osmotic energy from the sea. In this process water is drawn naturally from a low salinity feed solution across a semi-permeable membrane to a pressurized high salinity draw solution; power is then obtained by depressurizing part of the diluted draw solution through a hydroturbine.