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  • Mycotoxins metabolites produced by specific fungi are introduced into the food chain by pre-harvest and post-harvest contamination of foods and livestock feed. Infestation of crops and food by mycotoxin producing fungi causes serious immunosuppressive carcinogenic cytotoxic and teratogenic effects in humans and animals. The Aspergillus mycotoxin aflatoxin is the most potent naturally occurring carcinogen and one of the most economically important mycotoxins worldwide.

  • EnStorage developed the most cost effective flow battery for grid scale energy storage. A self-contained system with over 10000 cycles it can serve as a grid asset for 20 years. The technology has 9 patents covering base materials system and controls and a proprietary low cost membrane and catalyst. 2 beta systems will be deployed in 2015 each sized at 150KW/900KWH which would be based on our grid connected technology demonstrator. The company is developing a containerized energy storage system with power ratings varying from 75KW-225KW and an energy rating of 900KWH.

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    Innovators at NASA\'s Marshall Space Flight Center have designed a gas sensor that utilizes optical properties to monitor and detect leaks in pressurized systems such as cryogenic tanks and distribution systems and in vacuum conditions such as in space. The sensor optically measures even low-level gas leaks in a vacuum using principles of optical refraction. It is straightforward to implement with minimal power requirements and offers lowered project risk and the ability to operate in hazardous conditions.