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Promotion of non-motorised transport

  • Mobycy is a disruptive bicycle sharing technology platform to solve last mile problem. It helps people cover a short distance without any wait at a very nominal cost. Mobycy is India's first dockless bicycle sharing app. You can pick up a bicycle by scanning QR code through the app, ride and park it sensibly anywhere. Mobycy's vision is to make India a greener & fitter cycling nation.

    Bicycling is a zero carbon mode and it can provide health benefits to the riders. Besides, it can reduce congestion and improve access of people to public transportation.

  • Mobike allows users to see where a bike is available and book it. This is similar to many other bike sharing applications e.g., Drivenow. This can be done by downloading the Mobike Google application. Besides this the application also allows users to access the bikes. This is possible through a device attached to the bike, which enable the unlocking of the bike. The bike can after use be parked in any bike parking within the city.

  • BCycle is a bike share system that is revolutionizing the way people use public transportation. Bike share is a unique solution to the environmental, health, and transportation infrastructure challenges that face modern communities. BCycle partners with campuses, corporations, and municipalities of all sizes to implement and maintain bike share systems that complement and improve existing transportation infrastructure. 

    BCycle has created a web platform where you can get information on various bike sharing companies in different cities of US.  

  • Bicincittà Srl is a leading bike sharing company in the Italian market and present in more than 100 Italian cities, as well as some services in Switzerland and in Spain. It is aimed at public administrations for the installation of bike sharing systems and also for end users for the marketing of subscriptions and the management of services. 

    Bicincittà Srl is directly involved in the planning, installation, service maintenance and marketing operations necessary for the development and promotion of sustainable mobility. 

  • Bicing is a bicycle sharing system in Barcelona inaugurated on March 22, 2007. Bicing is a simple, practical and sustainable way to plan your trips around the city. To go wherever you want and when you want, without smoke or noises.  

    The electric Bicing network is completely complementary to the current Bicing network, thus broadening the offer of long and ascending trips. This network is distributed in 41 stations in car parks and 5 stations in surface. 

  • BIXI Montréal is a non-profit organization created in 2014 by the city of Montreal to manage its bike-sharing system. The BIXI network has 6,200 bikes and 540 stations spread out across the areas of Montreal, Longueuil and Westmount. Much more than just a simple mode of transport, BIXI is now a great way to zip around the city whenever you want to go wherever your heart desires.

    BIXI Montréal, an active mode of transportation contributing to the health and well-being of Montrealers with a vision to be recognized as a key player in Montreal’s public transit system.

  • Bike-sharing ideally complements private and public means of transportation on short distances. It unburdens the traffic in the city centres and improves the attractiveness of public transportation. Over the past few years, bike-sharing has become increasingly popular all around the globe.

    Vélib' is a large-scale public bicycle sharing system in Paris, France. Launched on 15 July 2007,  the name Vélib' is a portmanteau of the French words vélo (English: "bicycle") and liberté ("freedom").

  • Bikeshare in Abu Dhabi powered by Cyacle is a fully automated short term cycle hire scheme available 24x7 with 50 stations and over 300 bikes across Abu Dhabi. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map, and a docking system that releases bikes using a ride code or a member key. It’s a fun, affordable and convenient way to get around.