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Sustainable fertilizers

  • Phosphate Fertilizer - OCP Group 

    It is the result of phosphoric acid transformation: DAP (most commonly used binary fertilizer), TSP (full phosphate fertilizer), MAP (binary fertilizer consisting of two fertilizing agents: phosphorus and nitrogen) and NPK (ternary fertilizer made of three elements: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium).

    The company OCP also introduced a new range of phosphate products to the market, based on a high performance, sustainable agriculture approach: Performance Phosphate Products® (PPP).

  • The Waste to Fertlizer Service concerns the conversion of organic waste into  soil conditioner/fertlizer. The service consists of the following stages:

    1) Waste collection from the trucks at Landfill/Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

    2) The organic waste is made into windrows for easy turning until maturity

    3) Waste turning to speed up the microbial activities needed for composting and maturity

    4) Very rich organic fertilizer from screening machine, after the removal of metal, plastic & other impurities