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Rice cultivation

  • Perennial Rice, as its name implies, is rice that can be harvested many years without reseeding, due to the regeneration of rhizome.Oryza longistaminata, is a perennial wild rice species from the same genus as cultivated rice, such as Oryza sativa. It is considered to be the ideal perenniality donor for perennial rice, as it has strong rhizome (vegetative propagation), and the same AA genome as Oryza sativa.

  • The  CR Dhan 310 rice variety, a high protein rice variety, was developed through introgression of high protein content in a popular high yielding variety 'Naveen' and released by CVRC (Central Varietal Release Committee ) as the first high protein rice variety in the country with an average grain yield of 4.5 t/ha and protein content of 10.2%. The variety is suitable for irrigated ecosystem in both wet and dry season.This variety is suitable for the Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh areas in India.

  • The Rice Knowledge Bank (RKB) is a digital extension service provided by  IRRI ( International Rice Research Institute) to bridge the gap between research and practice in rice production and providing  practical knowledge solutions, specialized for small-scale farmers in developing countries. RKB showcases rice production techniques, agricultural technologies, and best farming practices based on IRRI’s pool of knowledge from research findings, learning and media resources, and in-country projects.